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Pi Pickleball U.S.A. is a new brand exclusive to the Pickleball industry. An online Pickleball paddle and clothing store soon to offer custom Raw Carbon Pickleball paddles and we currently offer our original standard Pi Pickleball paddles. We also offer Custom Laser cut Pickleball Paddle Racks, Pickleball clothing, accessories, equipment and performance apparel. We are committed to producing the best quality products, and promoting this incredible and life changing sport–nationally and internationally.

The idea for 314Pickleball began with a friend who suggested to make knock offs of the Ben Johns Joola paddle...and sell them at a steep discount. Leo didn't like the idea at all, but loved the idea of building a new type of paddle company. Soon after that conversation Leo began building a prototype circle shaped paddle. The company operates out of St. Petersburg, Florida, which is lining up to be the #1 destination for Pickleball in the world.  


Designer Thais Noguiera from Brooklyn New York - the Designer for Pi Pickleball



Thais Noguiera

Designing and Building the Q1 Pi Pickleball Perfect Circle Pickleball Paddle


It was simple. π.....3.14. A paddle that's all sweet spot–a perfectly balanced circle, with ideal proportions and excellent durability.

Communication Tower


"A big shout out to Jerry Downing, Mary Downing, Robert Eanell and Rod Grills who really helped me learn Pickleball and push me out of my comfort zone. Especially Mary and Rod, who put so many hours in Coaching me to have better habits. At 19 I broke a vertebrae in my back and I felt like an old man for more than a decade. Also hurting my knee severely playing indoor soccer in my 20s–I never thought I'd feel this good and be playing an actual sport in this lifetime. Pickleball has really been a blessing and it inspired me to create a nerdy, yet cool Pickleball brand. I'm so appreciative for all the healing the Universe offered and all the love and support from so many Earthling friends, old and new. Sending unconditional love and healing positive energy to everyone–especially to those that are still suffering emotionally and physically like I was."

–Leo DaLynx

Leo DaLynx holding the Q1 Pi Pickleball perfect circle paddle with a hawaiin shirt, sunglasses and running visor on Tennis Pickleball court in St. Petersburg Florida


Nate L.

Pickleball addict

“I love the sophisticated aesthetic of Pi Pickleball paddles, but definitely looking forward to their custom manufactured elongated paddles with higher end materials!”

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